Happy Thanksgiving!

Alrighty, new project established and begun. My final project in my 3D design class is a mask!!! Typically I consider a mask to be something which covers your face,  but for this assignment, it can be any kind of mask that covers and part of the body (helmet, gauntlets, leg guards) anything. I’ve opted for something a little more traditional as far as coverage. TADA!


I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do, so I just doodled out a few things and this is what I came up with. It’s a pretty bare-bones sketch, and I hope to do more with it if I have enough time…yeah, we’ll see how that goes…

Any-who, I started by making a pulp-paper-mache’ kind of mix by chopping up shredded paper in the blender.

WP_20141121_12_43_41_ProGood ol’ Pulse Matic, great for making smoothies and paper paste soup (one is tasty, one is not…actually I don’t know that for a fact, ’cause I didn’t taste the paper paste, but it just doesn’t look tasty.) I mixed the shredded paper with water to blend it. (I didn’t put any glue or anything sticky in the blender, and I wouldn’t recommend trying it. It just WP_20141121_13_36_31_Prosounds disastrous…)  Then I strained and  squeezed out the excess water, leaving me with a pulpy, squishy (very squishy,) tuna salad looking paste.  This is where I added the glue and began molding it to my form (an old motorcycle helmet I borrowed from my dad and covered with a trash bag). If you try this, gloves are very useful have on hand (hardy har har…OK…) especially if you don’t like sticky things adhering to your hands.WP_20141121_15_26_00_ProWP_20141122_10_45_02_Pro

The lovely, and very pale, lady modeling my project on the right is Victoria (my trusted foam-head.)

When it dried I mod-podged over it, and when that was dry, I carefully (CAREFULLY) pried it off and added a layer of paper and another layer of the pulp paste to the inside. This method of paper mache was only done with the pulp, water, and Elmer’s glue, so it’s not “standard” paper mache’. It ended up being very soft and pliable (think felt hat) but it wanted to tear at the edges, so I encased it in that ever reliable substance: duct tape.


Yeah…so, it looks pretty wonky right now, but I hold out hope… There is still a lot of shaping to do.
Oh! I was just thinking, if any of you are so inclined, maybe you would want to make a mask too??? You don’t have to, but it could be fun! Mine is due on the 10th of December I think. If you decide to make something, post some pictures here! C’mon, show me I’m not alone in the world!

Hope you have a great Thanksgiving!!!!