All Done!!!

Finally! I declare this project officially done!WP_20141116_23_59_56_Pro

By which I mean I had to turn it in, so now I can’t fiddle with it anymore. I finished making the wire spheres, and attempted to cover them with the wallpaper, unfortunately, the wallpaper decided to be confrontational and refused to stretch and stick neatly over the wire frame. So, instead, I decided to give the wallpaper something to stick to by covering the frames with a layer of tissue paper and glue first. This made what I felt was the tackiest looking thing I’ve ever created. Hours and hours wasted to make a tacky tissue paper wire thingy. But, I have to admit, my skills with the tissue paper were probably not the best. It was mostly that I hated touching it. I don’t like sticky things, especially sticky things that leave ooey gooey paper particles all over your fingers. It’s just not right! Thank you Elmer’s for washing off so well. (I did a lot of washing off.)

After the tissue paper was dry, I began adding the wallpaper by twisting strips around my tall bananaish sculpture. It actually worked out better than I had hoped. The paper was a little stiff, and didn’t lay quite the way I wanted it to, but it gave the piece some nice texture (the kind of texture that looks cool and scaly, but you’d really hate to have to dust.)

I’d been planning to put little tea lights inside the spheres, but when I tested them against the wallpaper I could hardly see the light. I ended up having to glue the wallpaper sheets to drawing paper, and peal them off again to separate the pretty part of the wall paper from the heavier backing, giving me a thinner layer to work with. That, added to the fact that my dad found some super bright keychain lights (the kind people put on dog collars when walking at night) really made the light come through. These pictures I took on my phone before turning in the finished project, so unfortunately they’re all from one angle and aren’t very good,  but it was better than nothing. In a dark room it looks pretty sharp!  (Check the end of this post for some process pictures!)


Wrapping up here, I found this project to be challenging, but fun. I got to work with new materials and broadened my skills, which is what this is all about. Now I’ll just have to figure out where to stick the darn thing to keep the dust from gathering…

I’ll be adding a page to my blog titled “Know-How” where I’ll keep track of all the little things I learn all along my merry way. Basically it will be a mini resume…of sorts…Oh! and if you have any comments or questions, please post! (I don’t really check the email listed for this blog, so…yeah, my bad…) Post here!

WP_20141114_15_02_03_ProWP_20141115_11_13_33_Pro WP_20141116_22_43_26_Pro


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