Christmas Break Projects

Well, I’ve been on Christmas break for just over a week now, and I could well be loosing my mind. Why is it that setting a deadline for school projects works, but setting a deadline for personal projects doesn’t? I’ve been working on a backpack for what feels like a year, and it just keeps dragging out! (really it’s been like…2 weeks technically.) I started it the week before school and I’ve worked on it the whole week after (none in between.)

I’m not much of a seamstress, but I’m learning a few things. Thins like, don’t underestimate the amount of time a completely radical project using materials with which you have had little experience will take you. My parents can’t figure out why I didn’t just buy a backpack…I’m beginning to wonder that myself… Really I just want something different. I know lots of different people make lots of different things, but the really different things are super expensive… and now we know why… Wait, why? Because they are time consuming and complicated! (I’ll be done bellyaching over this just as soon as the burn from my hot-glue-gun stops throbbing….)

I’d give you pictures if I had any, but I didn’t really take many this time…I know, I’m a “making-of” failure… But when it’s done I’ll add some finished pics.

OK, and here’s a little thing I’m having a problem with, so if anybody actually reads this far down the page, PLEASE help me out. I’ve been trying to get decent photos of my work so I can add a gallery page to this blog, but I’ve run into a snag when it comes to photographing my 2D work. I can’t seem to get even half way decent, well lit/balanced shots. Most of my images are too large to scan… If anybody has any suggestions, or if you’ve done this kind of thing before, I’d appreciate your comments greatly!