Post Turkey Lag…

I admit it, I had turkey over Thanksgiving, and now I’m going to blame that for why I’ve felt so tired ever since. Turkey does make you sleepy right? How long does that take to wear off? …OK, maybe I’m just lazy. Why is it so hard to go back to school after a nice little break?!? ….Better question, why is it that we have to go back to school at all?

Well, as I ponder this, and many other questions (such as, why is there never enough Ready Whip for each slice of Pumpkin Pie?) I shall proceed to make a project update!

My mask is well underway, which is good because my teacher moved the date from the 10th up to the 8th. Typically this would panic me, but it’s the end of the semester and at this point let’s just be done as soon as we can. Last thing I left you with was the basic structure of my helmet thingy. I’ve done a couple things since then.

I wanted some oversized bug-eyes, but I wanted them to resemble goggles just a tad. I made some eye pieces out of metal screening and wire, then cut out a cardboard frame and taped it on to see what it would look like. There was a whole lot of off-and-on and adjusting, scrapping, starting over, and measuring before I got a frame that I felt looked decent, but here’s what I ended up with.WP_20141201_19_30_13_Pro

I knew from the start of my sketches that I wanted this helmet/mask to have a 1930’s-40’s airplane-pilot feel, which meant I would need one of my FAVORITE supplies: Leather! I love working with leather for two reasons:

  • 1. It’s stretchy and pliable
  • 2. It looks so cool!!!

I like for “stuff” to look authentic and unique, and leather seems to give things an old, yet timeless finish. Unfortunately, buying “new” leather can be expensive, so I like to keep an eye out for old leather jackets and skirts at Goodwill. It takes a certain amount of planning and pretty precise cuts to make sure you have enough, since usually there’s not a whole lot of material to work with, but it can end up looking pretty neat. For 3-5 bucks, I don’t mind having  few old coats hanging around for projects like this. WP_20141203_13_30_26_Pro

Using contact cement, I stretched and glued leather form an old bomber jacket over the outside of my helmet. I did the same for the rims of my goggle eyes. I also reused the jacket’s lining (it had maps on it, which I think is cool) to line the inside of the helmet, then used some hot glue to finish it off and assemble the pieces.

Since doing this, I decided that I didn’t like how the goggles sat on the face of the helmet, so I’ve removed them and will need to make a few adjustments. But, here’s where we are so far. I’m aiming for a sort of fighter-pilot, fly-insect, head-gear sort of something… yeah…getting there… I should probably give some attention to my other homework for a while…



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