It’s over!!! That’s it! It’s done! I had my last final today, and, buddy, I’m home free! Bring on the noise makers and balloons ’cause this semester is going down!!! It’s party time tonight!… (And by “party time” I mean time to clean out my studio space, vacuum for the first time in two months, file my class records, and maybe if I find time before falling asleep on the couch, I’ll stagger to the freezer and binge eat some ice-cream.) But that’s all cool! I made it through this first semester back after two years away and I can clearly identify my level of success by these three qualifiers:

  1.  I didn’t kill anybody
  2.  Nobody killed me
  3.  And I even managed to avoid contact with whoever the crazy person was that ran around in the school mascot suit giving random hugs all semester.

I declare victory!

But enough of such short-lived triumphs, on with the arty stuff….

I Finished my mask project (Yay!) and I’m pretty happy with the results.   WP_20141206_16_27_28_Pro

WP_20141206_16_27_53_ProWP_20141206_16_27_36_ProOne of the guys in my class expressed disappointment in that when he picked it up and started to really examine it, that it wasn’t “real”. By which he meant that I hadn’t really sewn the leather and soldered the metal and installed a functioning intercom. He dubbed it “slick movie tricks”… but I’ll take that! (he meant it in a nice way, though- same guy who called my wire sculpture a banana…)

I ended up straying from my original sketch, but I think those wanderings WP_20141206_16_27_45_Proled me to a better place in the end. It took on a rather steam-punk/aviator-fly feeling. I’m ready for some cosplay! It’s completely wearable; the vision is a little impaired directly in front of you, but hey, who really needs to see where they’re going anyway? 😉

Overall this has turned out to be my favorite piece. The process was heaps of fun! From start to finish it was mine, and that’s pretty satisfying. At the end of the semester, what better feeling could you ask for?

I’ll be trying to get some better pictures of things up some time soon. I have a couple projects I haven’t posted about yet, so that’ll be something new! But right now I hear chocolate ice cream calling my name… Goodbye college nonsense, heeeeelllllllooooo Christmas Break!!!



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