And we are back! First post of the semester and I’m gearing up for round two! Let the game of assignments and deadlines begin, and may the last students standing claim victory! After sitting through a week of syllabus introductions and general class overviews, I’m already feeling the pressure. I’m really hoping that they dump all of that information on you at the beginning in order to scare away anybody who doesn’t really want to learn, ’cause I want to learn…but they’re even making me nervous. When you see the entire semester in a day, it’s a freaky thing…

But, moving beyond the intimidation, I’ve already started on a project for my sculpture class.


The assignment is to construct an abstract plaster sculpture which consists of three parts. Other than that, there’s a lot of wiggle room for the design.
We’re creating an armature for our sculptures using metal mesh. Later on we will be covering the armatures with plaster. This is a fairly simple project when it comes to the steps involved, but performing those steps can be a little tricky and time consuming. It took a little longer than I’d expected to work my mesh into a sculptureish object, and after playing with several ideas I settled on a more organic form…OK, I’m not sure if you’d call it organic, but I’m calling it organic. It looks like tentacles, or viney plants…or something…kinda. At least it sits up!WP_20150122_13_47_39_Pro Really it’s just a heap of mangled metal mesh that hasn’t even been approved of yet, but here’s hoping it fits the criteria for the assignment! Personally, it looks good in my head. 😉

I’ll add some updates as I go! Hold out for some other projects as I work through this semester. There should be some printmaking, metal work, sculpting, and drawing, so this could get fun!

Yay spring semester!……… Yeah, I’m not really feeling all that excited at the moment…  but it will come…