A New Year-ish Poem:

On this last night of this year’s last day,

Let’s take a moment to pause from play,

And make some new year suggestions.

So, moving along,

I’ll try not  take long,

Provided you have no objections.

I hope you have a breather from worry,

A chance to pet something furry,

And are willing to share your affection.

Never stop learning,

Let your passion keep burning,

And laugh and in the face of rejection.

Share good times with a friend,

Outlast each fleeting trend,

Be willing to accept honest correction.

Go with your gut,

And if that door gets shut,

May you be led in a better direction.

Work like you care,

Selflessly share,

Speak with flourished inflection.

See each challenge through,

And whatever you do,

Make your smile a catching infection.

Don’t melt under fire,

Aim to inspire,

Never opt for defection.

Hold fast your convictions,

See beyond your restrictions,

Don’t fear the whelms of complexion.


Expand a horizon,

Know the prize to keep eyes on,

Might you pass every surprising inspection.

Take the sun and the rain,

Not one day is in vain,

Don’t dwell on personal dissection.

Why settle to wonder?

Tear confusion asunder.

Make use of your powers of detection.

Face each fear in it’s time,

Sort the gold from the grime,

No need to rush an important selection.

May you never face hunger,

Stop wishing you were younger,

Make the most of each new connection.

Try that new thing,

You’re no puppet on string,

Never trade your soul for the sake of protection.

So may your New Year be merry,

Your sloths ever hairy,

And your cookies be cooked to perfection.

Wishing family and friends,

Joy that never ends,

May this new year be one worth reflection.



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