In A Land Of Sun

This week I have fled the icy grip of my hometown and landed in the warm embrace of the Sunshine State! Wrapped in its golden glow, I can honestly say this is the best thing ever since I learned how to dunk Oreos! (That was also this week…) I love being warm. I hate being cold. I haven’t been on a winter vacation before, and this is beautiful! It has successfully reassured my fading belief that there really are warm places left on earth. I hit the beach a couple of days ago for a little sand castle building, but, as usual, it sort of got out of control and ended up looking nothing like a sand castle……WP_20150102_12_58_41_Pro

I didn’t have room to ring my bucket and shovel, so this one was body built. It only took a couple of hours, and probably would have been faster (or more elaborate) if I hadn’t spent most of my time building up the mound that later became the slightly-demented elephantish sand-creature depicted here. I keep telling myself to bring a snow shovel to do the heavy lifting….but yeah, if I didn’t have room for a plastic sand-pail and spade, I don’t know where I’d have put the snow shovel….

The thing I love most about building sand sculptures is people you get to meet while building them. Maybe it’s the relaxed atmosphere, the constant rolling of the ocean waves, or the warmth of the sun…but people are just so open and friendly on the beach. It’s as if all the social inhibitions one might feel in their own familiar settings are cast away by the sea side, and they have no concerns about walking straight up to me and telling me what they think, or asking “So, what’s it gonna be?” Most of the time I don’t know exactly what it’s going to be until it suddenly looks like it could be something…or doesn’t ever look like something and get’s left as a big lump of sand for kids to play on. It makes me happy to make the beach goers happy, to stand unnoticed on my balcony and watch as the strangers below pose for photos with sculptures I’ve made. It gives the sand sculpture a purpose…I mean, let’s face it. It’s sand. It’s got a relatively short lifespan, a couple of days at most before the tide, dogs, or teens with something to prove put an end to its existence. Usually it’s just a matter of hours from the time I dust the sand of my hands and walk away that it meets with misfortune. But that’s alright, it’s just the way it goes by the sea… (plus, it’s hard to be upset when you’re on the beach, basking in the warmth of the sun’s rays, sprinkling Oreo crumbs around your sleeping, Ornithophobic best friend as the seagulls begin to circle…..) 😉

Anyway, just thought I’d post a couple pics of this guy and let him live on in cyber space. 🙂

early stage
early stage
view from behind (so he can watch the waves) ;)
view from behind (so he can watch the waves) 😉




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