Lassoing Unicorns

img003-001When I started classes this semester, I expected things would go like they normally go: teacher teaches, assignments assigned, assignments worked on, assignments due, teacher grades. And, for the most part, that’s how it has gone, the exception being my print class: teacher talks, entire semester’s list of projects assigned, free reign and liberty of interpretation surrendered to student, student wonders where hierarchy of structure has gone, student has freak-out moment which is probably going to last all semester…….

He pretty much told us we can make whatever we want, just as long as we come to class. Now don’t get me wrong, this whole “freedom to create” thing is great…trouble is, up ’till now, college hasn’t offered much freedom at all when it comes to assignments. I hardly know what to do with myself! Where do I start?!? How do I accomplish anything? I believe the term my teacher used was, “I like to give you enough rope to hang yourselves, or lasso a unicorn.”

That’s just dandy…I may have a little too much rope… and here I sit, inundated with non relevant ideas, uncertain what to expect of the expectations, and doodling angler fish…yeah…angler fish… Not quite a unicorn, I know, but they do share a cranial protrusion, so that’s where I’ll start!








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