Sculpture Completed!

IMG_1507I turned in my sculpture and got it back, and, for once, a project came back in in one piece!!! (This is really a very happy thing, hence the usage of three exclamation points.) So I have done some of my novice photographing and will be adding the shots to my portfolio gallery! (This is also a very happy thing…I don’t know why…but it just makes me happy!)

But, on with the update!

When last I posted about this particular project, I was in the surform and touchup phase. The surform is a tool used to sand down the dried, lumpy plaster to give it a more finished surface. I sanded the bananas out of mine for ages, and then, of course, I sanded too deeply and revealed the burlap underneath and had to go back and add more plaster… on multiple occasions…FINALY I IMG_1557managed to work it into a nice, slightly scratchy, slightly smooth surface, which is what the instructor requested. I really wanted to whip out some sand paper and files and smooth that surface ’till it was slick, but that probably would have taken me days… days I didn’t have. So, slightly scratchy, slightly smooth it was and is and will probably stay. My instructor approved, which was also a very happy thing! My cat, however, seemed to think himself more attractive than my sculpture, and subsequently demanded a photo-shoot of his own. 😉

To see more pictures of this and other projects, check out my  portfolio!!!!! (really, check it out. It will make me happy…hence the five exclamation points.)



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