Snowed Up

Snow, snow, cold, fluffy snow!
So much snow that my car can’t go,
The piles of white  just grow and grow,
When will it stop?
Meteorologists don’t seem to know.

10 inches and counting where I live, and, for the area, that’s a record setter! I had to break out the snow shovel and dig a path just so my beagle could get out of the house. His tail was looking rather like a submarine periscope surfacing from icy depths! He doesn’t like walking on snow, but I’m neither here nor there when it comes to the stuff. The little kid in me gets super excited – the big kid in me groans at the thought of digging my car out. But! The student in me celebrates! “Why?” you might ask. “Because, classes have been canceled for a week solid!” I would say. This is splendiferous! If I’d known this was coming, I’d have left town last Thursday and caught the first flight for Florida (if I wasn’t a broke, jobless, college kid) 😉 Seriously, this is a longer hiatus than spring break will be! I hate to think how my teachers will decide to compensate… Maybe they’ll just cut their losses and spare us the anxiety of cramming more projects in… hey, a girl can dream.

All this time off has given me a chance to work on the illustrations for my children’s WP_20150218_19_15_17_Probook, which is good, because I have 25 of them! I may have to cut some out in order to get the project completed on time (which will hurt!) but I’m not giving up on them yet! I’m averaging three a day at the moment, which I know doesn’t sound like much, but proper crayon usage takes time! I was going to incorporate colored pencils and water colors (I may yet) but I really love the richness of the waxy sticks! Plus, my parents got me a Crayola crayon tower for Christmas 2 years ago that I’ve been saving for such a time as this!

I was really excited to be able to incorporate my children’ book with my school projects. I’ve been doodling out ideas for it for over a year but never had the time to concentrate on it, now I do! It’s limited time, but time none-the-less. I have a love-hate relationship with deadlines. I hate the pressure, but love the result. The sense of accomplishment keeps me rolling. I don’t know if I’ll ever get it published (finding someone interested seems like it could be tough) but you never know. If publishing fails, maybe one of my siblings will get married and have a kid and I can give it to them to enjoy (the least they could do would be stick it on a shelf in the name of being nice to me.) 😉

Guess I’d better get back to coloring… my crayons are calling




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