The Break of Spring!

PS_20150313233532Spring break!!!! Oh at last we meet again sweet, beautiful, enchanting spring break! Long have I awaited your return! Oh that we could be together forever, rather than just a week…but I’ll take a week! And we will live and laugh and love for a while and when it is over, and we part, I will keep you ever in my heart!…. ugh… maybe I should have just said something more like “whooohooo! I’m on spring break!” …but that’s so “normal” 😉

Anyway, my spring break started at 1:00pm Thursday, which explains why I’m writing this post. Poor little blog world, how I’ve neglected you.  I am ashamed. I owe you a welcome page, and a portfolio update, so many updates…. But right now, I’m just so ridiculously happy I didn’t’ have to get up at 6:00 this morning that nothing else really matters! What will be will be! I have project list a mile long, some sleep to get seriously caught up on, and a 10 page paper due when I go back to school…yippee… but I don’t care! Because today I’m on spring break! Anything could happen, as with everyday, and that makes this a very good day!