Plaster Relief…And A Purple Finger

In my sculpture class this semester there has been a lot of plaster. Like, a lot of it! So here is another plaster project: a relief sculpture of a face! IMG_1638

Yes, yes, I know, her ear sticks out loudly, and she has a honkin big nose, but that’s what she looks like, down to the itty-bitty pony tale! She doesn’t have the most attractive profile on earth, poor kid, but at least she has one! (I can say all of this because that’s my mug.) I’m kind of attached to it, all things considered! 😉

Anyway, enough analyzation of my facial features…

This project started off as a clay sculpture, from which I made a plaster mold. Then, using the plaster mold, I made a plaster cast. It looks rather Grecian to me, all pale and serious, but it was a fun project. I’ll add some shots of this to my portfolio page, and call it done.

On a non-relevant note, somehow between the time I started this post and the time I’ve now finished it, I managed to smash my finger between a sled and a Nerf sword…I had some assistance doing that… long story… lets just say it was finally sunny and warmish outside, I abandoned my computer to long enough to wage an epic Nerf sword war with my brothers, and won! It was, perhaps, a pyrrhic victory… and my finger looks like a purple sausage… they tell me I should get this X-rayed…guess maybe I should…maybe…Ok, yeah…typing with one hand is a draaaaaagggggggg……..


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