Some Days….

img102This was a particularly difficult day. Suffice it to say that things which did not need to be shown in an art history class were shown. Things that make you wonder why you’re there in the first place, if it’s worth even a second of your time, if there’s any reason not to walk out the door and never look back….Things that make you ask yourself, if such things can be created, why create anything at all? It was a disappointing, depressing, and, on some level, infuriating sort of day, all because of four minutes at the end of a class. Yeah, it only took four minutes for me to begin questioning my entire academic pursuit, and if it’s gone far enough. I haven’t come to a definite conclusion yet, but there’s a struggle going on… whew…people… people… people……………………………………. But, tomorrow’s a new day. I am not alone.



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