Pack yer bags!

IMG_2343Long overdue update, starting now!

This is the backpack I started on last August…and kinda didn’t finish until this week…yeah…my production time is kinda sluggish when it comes to personal projects… technically there are a couple of additions I’d still like to make if I can get around to it…

Anywho, here are some pics of the backpack!IMG_2317

The exterior is made from a green denim skirt I found at Goodwill, and the back side – as well as the base material for the straps – is made from another skirt. The leather accents are scraps from the last leather jacket I dismantled, and tIMG_2320he straps, buckles, snaps, and interior map-print fabric I splurged on and bought new. 😉 My favorite part is definitely the globe zipper which I found on a sweatshirt at Goodwill! IMG_2326(I IMG_2331might have gotten supper, intensely, crazy ecstatic about it when I saw it…) Second hand places are my favorite sources of supplies! (I’m cheap like that) but I also get this weird pleasure from happening upon something and thinking “Hey, I could make…” It’s just fun, ya know? IMG_2380