Summer! And a Quandary

24aSummer always seems to be a season of limitless potential. All winter long we think, “when summer get’s here I’ll…” and we fill in that blank with endless ideas. It’s the time when we can kick our shoes off, lay in the grass, watch the clouds, and nap at will….and the time to put our shoes back on, let loose on a kitchen remodel, edit that novel, dig in the flowerbed, and drink lemonade (decorated with flamboyant, paper umbrellas) with friends! Summer is definitely my favorite time of year!

I know, not everybody get’s to escape from school and work and have a free for all for 3 months, (wouldn’t that be nice!) but that doesn’t mean the sunshine has to go to waste. Roll down the windows, go for a walk, barbeque something! 😉 I’m working as a tutor for the summer, so I’m not exactly free from responsibility, but it’s summer! Let’s make the most of it!!!

But anyway! To the point! I’ve found myself in that weird place of “self publish” or “not self publish”… I poured my heart out for months on Hunt for a Hug (my picture book), broke out the deluxe pack of Crayola crayons, spent 2 weeks snowed up relentlessly finessing the details (admittedly they were not two consecutive weeks, and it may not sound like much, but any time trapped in your house, surrounded by cold fluff and white stuff, feels like a long time…) and here sits my picture book, 3 weeks after school, and here it will continue to sit until the cows come home if I don’t do something about it! So…now…what to do…

Guess I’ll working on that…Summer Project 1 is a go!


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