Spot on

WP_20150710_19_48_19_ProRecently I’ve been working on some example drawings as I build my portfolio and look for commissioned work. I’ve played around with many ideas and techniques, so I can’t really say that I have just one style. Some days I’m a cartoonist, others I’m into photorealism. I’ve been going through a “dot” phase lately. Pointillism frustrated the heck out of me when I was first introduced to the concept in middle school. A bunch of dots on a page. A whole bunch of dots. All to make one big picture? Why not just draw it and get on with your life? That was my take on the style for years, but not long ago I revisited the idea and started playing around. I quickly began to draw parallels between pointillism and pixilation. the dots on the page worked essentially like pixels in a photograph. the more you have, the clearer the image. I guess that’s a pretty simple comparison, it just took me a while to make it. 😉

Anyway, I’ve been playing around with dots, blots, and spots, and here are two pictures I’ve been working on. (My drawing is on the left and a photo on the right.) I’m working up the courage to add whiskers on the cat…I don’t know why that frightens me…but it does just a little… WP_20150710_19_48_46_Pro WP_20150710_19_49_24_Pro

Maybe one day I’ll get around to making custom portraits for people beyond family members…