Back to School…

Looks like I’m back again! I fall in and out of love with the whole “blogging” idea… Mostly I just forget about it… after taking a very pleasant 8 weeks of summertime bliss to just be alive, I have returned to chronicle my collegiate adventures! I’ve already fought the battle of last-second class cancelations and scheduling conflicts (I’ll spare you the horrific details.)

Any who, I’m back at it and we’ll see how long it lasts. As of 2 hours ago I finished week number 1 of my Senior/almost-outta-here-year (give or take a semester depending on scheduling…My academic prognosis tends to fluctuate) 😐 …only 15 or so more weeks of this semester to go… yeah…only 15 or so… On a brighter side, I did just find the new Owl City CD (Mobile Orchestra) at the Library, so the quality of my existence just increased exponentially. Nonetheless, prayer will be a continued staple of my survival.

OK, so, don’t read below this line unless you feel the need to read some really awful poetry. Once again my fingers are rambling.


Here, now, I go on again,
launching into utter oblivion.
Where, why, to possible woe?
For the sake of the sake. Tallyho!

…..Yeah, a real poet just died of embarrassment reading that…..woops!