Gone Fishing

At long last I actually have something to show you! Yay! Hurray! No more boring, all words, posts!



OK, yeah, I know… it’s a fish…just a little ol’ 9 ounce bass… I sculpted/carved this guppy in wax and then cast it in bronze. The piece isn’t very exciting. But hey! It was my first try, so pardon me whilst I cut myself some slack, (mostly I’m just glad I didn’t get burned up in the fiery, bronze melting furnace.) To my shame I don’t have very many process pictures this go ’round, but I’ll get them next time! I plan to attach the fish to something which will hang on the wall, I just haven’t quite decided what… I have some ideas though. Then I’ll just pop him up there right next to Big Mouth Billy Bass and voilà! 😉

(My fish may not be exciting, but at least it doesn’t sing…yet!)WP_20150929_18_06_54_Pro