That Paper is done! Well, almost done. My editor still needs to do a quick read-over, (my mom rocks! I’m a senior in college and she’s still willing to read my papers…if I beg…and promise her the opportunity to live with me in my non-existent airstream in her old age…and give her chocolate……) But hopefully there won’t need to be too many corrections (I say with much hoping.)

Anyway, I’m coming down from an essay writing high… that’s probably a poorly worded concept, but I can’t think of anything else to compare it to. Sure I have a quiz to start studying for, and bronze to grind, and a coat to pattern, BUT I couldn’t stop working on that silly essay. You know it’s bad when you look down and realize you overshot the minimum word count by a thousand words… but once its been written, you can’t just unwrite it, can you? I kept it to 12 pages, with pictures, that’s not terrible, right? I need to go detox from words…. 😛

Here’s a picture of Baymax as foreshadowing for my next post…and because I love him…



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