And So It Begins

It’s coming. I can feel it. I don’t just feel it. I can see it. It’s on my Calendar. Scheduled in stone. FINALS WEEK. Tomorrow it begins.

……… There’s just really nothing good I can say about that……. until I can say it’s over!

Anyway, I’ve been playing that loverly game of catch-that-cold … Two weeks and three boxes of tissues later and I think I might be able to call it over…just as long as I don’t sneeze again… (No worries, to my germophobe compatriots, I have been assured by professionals that a cold cannot be caught by reading a blog post written by someone who has one…at least that’s what they tell me…)

Despite being sick, I did manage to complete this little guy, WP_20151206_19_04_45_Prowho I am now designating as my therapy/stress/anxiety buddy as I face my finals…his name is Byrtle…I just have to make it through one more week!



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