Winter Break! … Kinda…

Made it! Yet another semester down!

No sooner did I enter into Christmas break than I found out about a winter term puppet-making class being offered by the theatre department… well, so much for break. The past three days of my “break” have been spent hot gluing long tubes of foam together. It’s been delightful. No, really, it’s almost therapeutic…until one of the other students burns themselves on the glue and begins shouting expletives…then it’s kinda not, but the rest of the time it’s alright. I guess maybe I’ve spent too much time hot gluing things over the course of my life, ’cause it’s kinda second nature. (It’s also nice to get to play with stuff like foam and hot glue, since some of my art professors have great distain for these “lesser” materials and frown deeply if I use them…) I guess they want everything we make to last forever…don’t ask me why, we make some pretty bad stuff sometimes…

It’s also been really nice actually working with a team of people, rather than flying solo in the basement of the art department. My conversation skills have gotten a little rusty, but they’re coming back.

Anyway, enough of my boring life. Here are some pictures of a character I was working on this last semester. IMG_3333

IMG_3341Yes, it looks something like a boar’s head, but be not deceived! Really it’s the starting point for a what is basically a minotaur, but it’s a boar, not a bull… like…a boar-headed man-creature thingy… yeah. I’ve actually modified it since I took these pictures and changed the shape of the tusks and the eyes a little.  Anyway, it’s clay and I’ll probably be casting it in fiber glass if I don’t smash it up and make something else…I do like smashing clay, though…IMG_3344




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