Game on!

Well, the game is on! Winter break is over and school started up again yesterday. I didn’t cry…much…actually it was fine. I’ve made a couple of changes to some things, and I’m kinda excited and kinda nervous…

I have officially changed my major from a Bachelor of Fine Arts, to a Bachelor of Individualized Studies in Three Dimensional Design. It was a complicated process to get through, and unfortunately it went against tradition and therefore ruffled a few departmental feathers. One rogue student and the whole administration is in uproar! Oh well, they’ll be fine. I’ll graduate next Christmas and then they can forget all about me… unless of course my program get’s adopted by the university (which would be amazingly cool!)…and, in which case, I may have to change my name and go underground before some of the higher ups in the art department can find me. 😉

It’s been worth the hassle, though. With help from an approval committee, I’ve gotten to design a program combining classes offered across my university and assemble them into a three dimensional program which, by the time I complete it, will range from costuming and sculpture to puppet making and 3D printing (and more!) I love working with my hands vs. computers. But given the opportunity I’d like to learn more computer based arts as well. My university doesn’t really offer classes in that area. There’s something about touching the materials, though, and physically transforming them into tangible objects… That’s what keeps me going back.

Oh! By the way, the little dog on the left up there is Bud, you’ll be seeing more of him before too long…..



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