Bring it!

Well, it’s that time of year again… Time to start looking for summer internships! Recently I’ve been told that I should have been looking for them back in December, so I guess I’m behind. Anyway, three hours later, I’ve battled my way through the application fray! It’s a little frustrating, though. The way computer programs ask for information in purely “yes or no” formats really tends to limit the ability of applicants to accurately represent themselves. Sadly I guess that’s just the way it is now. A resume can say lot, for sure, but it definitely leaves a lot unsaid. A cover letter can be helpful, if there is a place for it, but even those can work against you depending on what kind of mood the reader is in. Portfolios are really all we’ve got left, and sometimes it can be scary to trust your own work. What if it’s not good enough? What if they wanted to see something else? It’s a little nerve-racking!

I guess I’ll  just have accept the idea that online applications can be a gamble. Oh for the days when you could walk up to an employer’s door and beg them to take you! 😉

It’ll work out though. If this is the way the process is, then so be it! Bring it on! I can apply all day long!
(And just incase you know anybody who needs an art-based intern (or any intern) who’s willing to learn and is determined to one day make a living making stuff, please pass my name along!) 😉



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