Playing Around

Today I’m testing out the WordPress app on my phone to see if I like it. So far, I have to say yes! Now I can blog whenever and wherever I want! Bwahahaha! (Oops…Pardon my  bloging-world domination laugh…) Ahem, where was I? Oh yes, blogging whenever and wherever I want. This means I can update projects even more easily than I thought! Two taps, and I can load up a recent project! H, let me try it… Tap. tap.

Ta-da! That’s was actually a couple more than two taps, but whose really counting? 😉

What you saw up there was the beginning of one of my recent sculpture projects. Here are a few more process photos. Tap. Tap…tap, tap, tap… Tap.






This is a lost wax project I’ve been working on for a friend who is getting married. The pieces will be cast in bronze, placed on wooden bases (I think, but haven’t necessarily decided) and will act as individual bookends when apart and as a unified statue-ish thingamee when together…I hope. That’s the plan anyway! 😉 It was a little out of my ordinary stylistically speaking. I tend to like things more realistic and detailed, but for this projected I was aiming for a somewhat loose interpretation of the couple, rather than an exact likeness… It was pretty far from an exact likeness… Overall, though, I liked how they looked when I finished them…hopefully I’ll feel the same way once they are cast!

Well, that’s my update! Now imma run check my computer to see how the whole “blogging on the phone” format translates to a computer screen 😉

Note: I did have to reformat my pictures on the computer after I’d tried to load them, but I’m going to look around for a setting and see if I can fix that in the future!



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