Spring Break!

At long last! Spring break and I are reunited! What’s it been? A year? Too long, too long.

Time to relax, eat chocolate, and sleep ’till noon! 😉 OK… Let’s be real. Time to do all the extra homework teachers love to hand out to “keep you busy” over the break…

Oh well! It is what it is. Unfortunately I couldn’t take this guy with me to work on.

(Hopefully that picture loaded…I don’t have my computer with me at the moment…)
Anyway, it’s some sort of sea monkey creature I’ve been working on in clay. I think I’ll name him Thumble…

So far this semester we’ve been doing lost wax casting, and I have five bronze works to clean up and finish off before finals. But I got the “OK” from my teacher to work in clay again. I’m in love with the stuff. It’s so squishy! (Squishy: a highly technical, professionally accepted, collegiate descriptive term for the physical properties of clay.) 😉
It’s been a nice change from the sculptor’s wax. I’ll post some more pictures when I get back from break…right now I’m hoping there’s a beach in my future… 😉



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