How could I let this happen!?! I didn’t post anything in June!?! Really??? Are you kidding me??? What have I been doing? *face palm*

When I started this Blog I had this tiny little agreement with myself that I would post something every month. (Yeah, I know, that’s not very often….but at least once a month!) So, I have to face the facts… I kinda, sorta, mostly, pretty much, more or less, missed the mark there… yeah…  


doodle a day1Well, how ’bout I just post extra this moth in an attempt to redeem myself and we’ll call it cool? OK? OK! Fabulous! And to start July off on the right foot, here’s a little challenge I’ll be playing with myself! A Doodle a Day! Everyday for the first week of July I’ll post a daily doodle. Now don’t get hyper critical on me if you can help it.  It’ll be a doodle, not a Renoir. 😉 I’ve been needing to draw more and with summer I tend to get distracted with other things…like sun, and plants, and yard work, and slushies, and dog walking, and cloud watching, and cookie eating…need I continue?…

Anyway! On the left up there is doodle number one! Don’t ask me what I was doing… I’ve seen something like this before and was playing around with profile faces. I forgot to date it before I uploaded the picture, so you’ll just have to take my word for it that I did it today. I’ll try to be better about that… Any who, there’s that! If you feel like it, try this challenge too! It could be fun!




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