The Countdown

As I’m looking toward graduating in the next 60 days, 11 hours and 37 minutes (…no, I’m not counting down…why would I be doing a thing like that?…crazy…) but anyway, as I’m looking toward my ultimate fate, be it for better or worse, I’m seriously beginning to search out more internship and job opportunities. Who knew Photoshop was the new base criteria for pretty much everything? Literally almost EVERYTHING. Anyways, I’ve written and re-written my resume and constantly updated my portfolio, but why do I still feel so inadequate?! I’ve had foundational through advanced coursework, and I’ve dedicated untold, nonrefundable life hours to improving skills and techniques. But, like, I barely feel qualified to walk down the street these days. Everyone out there is so good at everything! Which, that’s not bad I guess, just intimidating.

I think pretty much everyone (college student or not) can relate. The world is becoming increasingly more and more competitive in every field. I don’ know about everyone else, but I would consider myself a competitive person on a healthy level. Competition has it’s place, pushing you to do your absolute best and conquer new challenges, but I’m not sure I like how crazy it is on a career path. I’d like to work with a team of challengers, not so much competitors. At least, not the verging on cut-throat competitors I’m familiar with. I’ll just chock it up to too many amazing, specialized people clambering over each other to score a single job. I get that…I just don’t like it so much.

I don’t just want to do one thing either. I want to sculpt, and create models and toys, and build sets and props, and design costumes and masks, and, pretty much everything else… I’ve specialized in sculpture, that’s really my favorite thing, but I like so many things I could be happy doing almost any of them I think…or maybe I should just move to the beach and work at one of those slightly tacky souvenir shops. (Those are seriously my favorite places on earth. Not kidding.) So while my fellow graduating students are going to every job fair, lining up their future contacts, and drafting beautifully composed cover letters, I’m just gonna be over here in the corner with my play dough and crayons waiting out the storm.

I might not beat everyone to an interview, but interviews aren’t everything in the world I suppose. And maybe that’s the wrong approach. Maybe not? But my sanity is worth something! (not much, but something 😉 ) So if I’m not walking straight into a job on my way out of the graduation ceremony, I’ll survive. I’m not sure that’s exactly what I want anyway… something unusual sounds good… It may take months…or longer…for the right job to come along, but I’m going to be ready when it does!

So! To my fellow students, we’re gonna be alright. It may not seem like it, look like it, or feel like it, but we are. Somehow. Hang in there guys!



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