Today was the day.

At 5:00 o-clock this evening I finally finished the final final of my Bachelors Degree! I’m not really sure if I should be excited or scared. Generally I just feel…well… nothing really. I was kinda hoping for a sense of relief, freedom, accomplishment, anything would be fine. Mostly, I just feel kinda hungry. 😉 Soon to come will be the fateful question: “What are your plans?” (Not like every student hasn’t heard that one enough since high school.)

ToadI suppose I should rehearse something along the lines of, “I haven’t made any decisions just yet, but it’s in the works,” rather than straight up telling people, “No idea! Quite honestly I didn’t expect to make it this far!” Maybe I should have come up with a better “plan” by now, but something will work out. Something always does. Maybe I’ll follow my inner wanderer, take the dog, and head for the nearest coast. Preferably a coast where it’s warm right now. Or maybe I’ll bake some chocolate chip cookies… It’s  a toss up. For now, I present a quick pic of my sculpture final. I call it : Bronze Toad on Wooden Wood. (OK, the title is in progress…)