Share a Coke, but Please Not Germs

Today I’m hiding out. Grabbed my laptop, a sketchbook, and a bottle of hand sanitizer and fled the house. “Why?” you might ask. My answer: “The Plague has come”. My youngest brother woke up with the flu early this morning. There are many advantages to living at home, especially if you like your family, as I do. However, when one unfortunate soul falls prey to the flu, your days are numbered. 😐 It makes you want to bathe in Clorox, fill the air with a cloud of Lysol, and burn the potentially contagious belongings of the infected.

OK, so that might be a touch extreme… but maybe not. 😉

So here I sit at McDonald’s trading a known risk of illness at home for an unknown risk of illness here, having no idea who sat in the booth before me or the state of their health. (Did I ever mention I’m a Germophobe with a capital “G”?) But here I am, discovering new music, watching the people, drinking my large Coke, and sharing this life moment with you!