Hello! My name is Ryn and I’m a maker of stuff!

Art and its many uses is something which has always excited me. I Graduated Eastern Kentucky University in December of 2016 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Three Dimensional Design. While my focus has been in sculpture, I also work with a variety of materials and mediums including things such as drawing, metal work, digital sculpture, costuming, and pretty much whatever else I can get my hands on. I love learning new skills and trying different things. A good challenge is always welcome! A love for films and the amazing costumes, props, sets, and characters created by talented artists around the world drew me to pursue art in college with hopes of working in the film industry in the future. In my spare time (and by “spare time” I’m referring to the times when a normal person would probably be sleeping) I like to write, illustrate, design furniture, compose cheesy song lyrics, eat cookies, and day dream about selling all my worldly possessions and hitting the coast with my dog in a conversion van filled with house plants… yeah, that’s my secret fantasy, folks… My goal is to never stop learning, be inspired by the small as well as the great, and share with others a desire to create and follow their passion wherever it may lead!








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