Know How

My Mad Skills


Exceptional at:

  • Wallpaper Ripping
  • Paper Macheing
  • Plaster Slathering
  • Hot Gluing
  • Sewing Stitching
  • Supply Shelf Organizing
  • Deadline Meeting
  • Mixing things
  • Making Lists
  • Wax Melting


Proficient in:

  • Learning New Things
  • Wire Bending
  • Duct Taping
  • Mess Making and Mess Cleaning
  • Nick-Nack Collecting
  • Machine sewing
  • Picture Documenting
  • Investment Stirring


Improving on:

  • Glue-From-Hand Preventative and Removal¬†Procedures
  • Plaster Removal Manicure Techniques
  • Apron Wearing on a Semi-Regular Basis
  • Sand Blasting and Water Pressuring
  • Welding Metal Stuff to other Metal Stuff
  • Locker Combination Recollection
  • Carpet Covering






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