Waiting on Pom-Poms

I had so much to do today…I did some of it…actually, I did a lot… why isn’t it all done yet!? Bleh! I’m so ready for this semester to end!

Everyone at school is beginning to hit that “crunch-time” mentality. In just a few weeks it will be finals! I’m not really sure when that got so close…honestly I have no clue how that got so close. I don’t think a semester has ever seemed to go by so quickly!

It wouldn’t be bad that finals are closing in, but right now I’m waiting for some parts I ordered for this guy.


The parts were highly technical. I couldn’t find them just anywhere. Search though I did, in only one place could they be found. The internet. What could I so desperately need that would drive me to the world wide web in order to obtain it? Wait for it…wait for it. OK, if you read my post title you already know (shocking!) I need pom-pom balls. Not just any pom-pom balls, though! We’re talking white, glitter-infused pom-pom balls.

I’ve been waiting a week now…and I really need them before finals…preferably sooner than the day before a very specific final… guess we’ll see if that happens…

Well, I’ve got to be goin! There are more projects to work on, and they don’t complete themselves! (unfortunately)